Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Can I see some ID please?

If I had to pick, I'd pick older guys everytime. 34 is a good age. Actually guys in their 30s really attract me in general. They are confident, know themselves, know where they're going, are established in their career. (Well the ones iv known were.) Also they know exactly what to do in the bedroom. The best sexual experiences iv had, have been with men in their 30s. It might have something to do with my enjoyment of of being dominated, so an older man has more of an authorative presence. If that makes sense. 

Anyway, I got slightly off topic. Where I was going with that maybe too honest confession is that, I don't usually find myself attracted to guys my own age. 

Babyfacedboy was an exception to the above rule. Technically not a baby his tinder profile said 24 older than myself. He messaged after I posted a very cleavagey moment. 
It said. 

"We should have sex. ;)" 

I guessed he was just looking for a response but he was cute/hot. In a pretty boy geek sort of way. Toned but not a gym worshipper, tall and broad. He was nice. 

"We should." I replied. 

"I was being cheeky, :o but ok if you want too." 

"I was being cheeky too." I messaged back. 

We talked for a week or so. He was very like me. Not looking for anything serious. Didn't mind that I saw other people. (I'll post more about that soon.) He was a bit more inexperienced than what I was used too.  

We decided to have a few drinks at mine. When I went down to let Babyfaceboy in because he couldn't get the intercom to work. He seemed nervous. 

"Hi. I swear I tried to buzz in." 

I laughed told him not to worry and to come in. 

"I've never done this before. Gone to a girls house... Well not sober anyway." He announced on the walk up to my first floor flat. 

I thought he was inexperienced but wow. What had I got myself into. 

"I have wine so." 

He loved the flat. We drank some wine. We chatted about life, girls, boys. Then we moved on to his inability to grow facial hair. I said. 

"You do look really young." 

He laughed, the wine had made his cheeks rosey. 

"I know it's annoying." 

"At least when you're 40 you'll still look 30. I said. 

He turned to me. Straight faced and said. 

"What would you do if I was 17??"

My heart dropped. SHIT! He lied on Facebook. Oh my god. Iv got a 17 year old drunk in my kitchen. He must have seen my mind going crazy. 

"I'm joking. I am 24." 

All i could see was his baby face. Before I thought about what I was saying. I blurted. 

"Do you have any ID?" 

He laughed. 

"Yeah sure." 

He produced his drivers liscence. He was indeed 24. 

Oh thank god. 

"What would you have done if I was 17?" He asked.   

I said dead pan. 

"I would have made you leave. Even with Sunday buses. Then I'd have told you to call me once you turned 21."  

We laughed. I was sat on the kitchen counter. He walked over. 

"Your hot when your being serious." And he kissed me. 

We ended up having a really fun night. He definitely was an exception to the rule of great sex only happening with over 30s. 

We remain in contact and to be honest I think we are genuine friends. . . Who bonk now and again. (More Babyfaceboy stories will follow.) 

Has your youthful look ever got you into trouble? 

Or have you like me ever ID'd anyone? 

Much love 


Signing off. 


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