Sunday, 18 January 2015

What name is it under miss?

So I'm venturing right back to my first tinder date for this one. Almost a year ago. So let's call this one an anniversary special. 

I was still living at home so the after date perks were off limits. Most of the time. I matched IvGotThatVChicksLike, early on in my tinder career. He didn't flirt straight away. He got my number and we started texting. 

He lived a good 45 mins away, was 34 and a PE teacher. We exchanged a few pics. Nothing too saucy. He was hot, I mean strong jaw, chiseled even. His body was unreal, he clearly worked hard at it. He even had that 'V' shape, you know the one. I'd bagged myself a hottie. Way above my league. Yankee said "I was punching well above your weight. Must be the tits." Not the fact that I'm a nice person, intelligent. Etc hahha. 

With him living a bit far away. We decided to go on a date in manchester. He wanted a drink but didn't fancy getting a train. So he said he'd probably stay in a hotel. Feeling a bit brazen I said I could split it with him, if he wanted. 

So he sent me the details I said I'd show him a nice part of town for a few drinks. He had mentioned he was in to old school hip hop and I knew a few places. 

So date day came and he text me when he had checked in. We had arranged to meet at the hotel so I could drop off my bag. I drove to the hotel and he text me to let me know the room number. However, I first needed to give the desk my reg. 

The lady at the desk asked if she could help.

"Hi my friends already checked into room *** I just need to give you my reg." 

She smiled. 
"No problem I'll put you on now. What name is the room under?"

SHIT!! I didn't know his surname. How embarrassing. I panicked. 

"Oh erm I'm not sure who's it's under."

She smiled again. Why was she so smiley. Clearly she was thinking I was some kind of hooker. 

"It's ok. I'll just put it on"

"Thanks." I said. 

"It's on the 4th floor, the lift is out of order at the moment. Would you like a hand with your bags miss?" 

She was judging me. She definitely thought I was a prostitute. 

"No thanks. I'll manage." I said. 

Top tips girls and guys when you're meeting a date in a hotel get their surname!

I climbed the stairs trying to calm down after the run in with the receptionists. I was nervous the 4 million stairs didn't help. I was lugging the heaviest bag in the world, warm and red faced from embarassment. I walked up to the door. Took a deep breath checked I hadn't sweated my make up off and knocked. 

He answered with a towel loosely hanging from his hips. I just about stopped my jaw from hitting the floor. He really was hot. 

I managed to retain my cheeky wit. Making sure he saw me look him up and down. 

"Hi. Is that what you're wearing? You'll get a lot of attention." 

He laughed. Leaned over to take my bag, kissed me on the cheek and whispered "hi" a gent as well. 

This was going well already. 

To be continued. 

Much love. 



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